Meet the Officers & Board of the OKTA
Janell Reid of Chickasha is
the World's Greatest
according to the Officers,
Board, and Membership of
the OKTA.   Along with her
husband Rick, she is also a
member of the OKTA Hall of
Rick  Reid of Chickasha
is an accomplished
taxidermist and wildlife
artist.  He is the OKTA's
reporter and points
keeper. Along with his
wife Janell, he is a OKTA
Hall of Fame member.
Rick is the quiet back
bone of the OKTA.
Wanda Gray is from Tishomingo,
Gary "Horsefly" Henry of Ada is
a co-competition chairman and
on the rules committee.  Gary is
the "Mr. Fix-It" for the OKTA,
Hall of Fame Member, and
former President.  
President, Steve Abbott
owns and operates CASA
DE Taxidermy in
Newcastle. OK.  He is a
retired OKC Fireman.  
This will be his second
term as President.
Board member, Mark
Pontius of Coweta is also
a board member.  He is
always willing to
contribute and works
very hard for the OKTA.  
He is also a pilot for a
private jet company..
Robby Boyd of Moore is a part-time
taxidermists specializing
Gameheads.  This Robby's first time
on the OKTA board.  Robby has been
a member of the OKTA for 12 years.
Carl Bear is from Blanchard,
Caleb Bolton of Purcell is avid
whitetail competitor.  He is a
full time taxidermist.    
Billy Roark is from Blair.  
Dustin Schreibuogal is from
Lone Grove.  
Monica Taylor of Okmulgee,
OK is new to the OKTA board
in 2016.  Her and her husband
operate a taxidermy business
and are both avid whitetail
competitors and hunters.  
"Taxidermy is a passion, where
I get the chance to recreate a
memory, to last a life-time."
Wes Mote of Bridge Creek is an
avid whitetail competitor.  He is
a part-time taxidermist with a
strong passion for the art and a
great desire to help.