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All members of the OKTA agree to abide by this code of ethics upon signing their annual membership form.  I understand that violation of any part of the OKTA code of ethics may result in my termination as a member and/or affect my ability to rejoin the OKTA in the future.

As a member of the OKTA:

  1. I promise to obtain all necessary permits to practice taxidermy in my shop.  This includes all legal tags, papers, and federal migratory licenses.

  2. I will not partake in unethical business practices.  This includes verbally abusing and/or falsifying information about another business in the taxidermy industry.  This also pertains to falsifying my own business information for advertising purposes.

  3. I will not identify to competition judges, directly or indirectly, pieces I have entered in a competition.

  4. I will not undermine the goals of the OKTA with my actions or my words.

  5. I will not knowingly accept any specimens that are in direct violation of the law.

  6. I will not threaten, harass, or attempt to intimidate any member of the OKTA.

  7. I will pay all fees and properly register for OKTA events.

  8. I will abide by all rules and regulations for OKTA competitions.

  9. I will be mindful of the family-oriented nature of the OKTA and avoid offensive language, actions, and gestures.

  10. I will not bring unauthorized firearms into an OKTA sanctioned event without prior officer and/or board approval.

  11. I will not perform unauthorized OKTA media releases.

EXPULSION: Any member ,ay be expelled for conduct which brings discredit upon, or is otherwise detrimental to, the OKTA by an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the Officers & Board of Directors.  Allegations of misconduct made against a member shall be submitted to an officer of the OKTA.  Following an Ethics Committee review of the allegations, and after consideration of any response made by the individual concerned, the Ethics Committee shall determine if the charges are justified and of such a nature as to warrant expulsion.  The OKTA Ethics Committee and Officers / Board Members are one in the same.

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