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OKTA Membership

Membership for the Oklahoma Taxidermists Association runs from convention to convention.  Secretary reserves the right to pro-rate a late membership. 

OKTA special events will not be pro-rated.

OKTA Lifetime Members

Terry Mayberry

Russell Welliver

Kenneth Kipp

Brian Kinsey

Shannan Pardue

Kreg Griffith - of Oklahoma Bowhunter

Joel Trammell

Karen Stanford

Buck Jones

Kenneth Bauman

Keith Compton

Smitty Nabors

Terry Andrews

Jerry and Sheila Brandon

Shannon Miller

Mark Pontius

Eddie Givens

Wayne Roach

Melvin Hart

Preston Mullings

Retta Keen

Billy Roark

John Gregerson

Rick and Janell Reid

Steve Abbott

Mike Reimer

Danny Keener

James Newport

Dustin Schreibvogel

Bob Rowe

Kevin Clemmons

Brad Collier

Tim Felts

David Alexander

Buddy Andrews

Colton Mayberry
Mark Woods

Geron Cottam

Lance Harris

Jerry Huffaker

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